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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy busy! I've been working like crazy to get stuff done for sale at Scentimentals. I took today & tomorrow off from my REAL job to finish up a few things, but mostly to catch up on sleep :) and tomorrow to go to the dentist.

My display rack came in! It's awesome! White wire spinner rack and has 72 slots and a spot at the top for my sign.

This past weekend I cranked out 3 6x6 albums and a ton of cards... there was very little sleep and a ton of coffee!

Today I'm working on name frames. They'll be generic and people can order them customized. I really enjoy doing these even though they take a while... I think I'm too much of a perfectionist. I don't want to do something I wouldn't be proud to hang in my own home.

The "FAMILY" frame is awesome... the paper is a delicious chocolate brown with sparkly light blue accents. The butterflies are light blue, shadowed in brown and the 2 on the left are adhered to the outside of the glass for a 3D effect and have tiny pearls on the body. The larger butterfly inside the glass has glitter on it's body & wings.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What an eventful day! Bobby and I went to the Wrentham outlets to do some shopping and I of course needed a trip to A.C. Moore and the Container Store. I was looking for a rack to display my cards at Scentimentals starting in May. I didn't find anything and ended up ordering something online that *hopefully* will work. Since we got home I've been making cards like crazy! I got a bunch of 12x12 matpacks at A.C. Moore and one was a wedding one. There's one slice of paper in there that has "I have found the one whom my soul loves" on it and I think that'll be my first vinyl experince with my Cricut. That MUST be above our bed!

I also started doing a "two minute tidy". My craft desk gets quite cluttered quite quickly! Now when I switch colors or papers or even themes, I do a quick, two minute clean up... put everything away and start fresh... it helped me get SO much more done tonight! I got 15 cards done and I don't have a huge pile to put away at the end of the night!

Tonight's picture is another from the Mother's Day bunch that will be on sale at Scentimentals on Main St., Southbridge starting in May!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have been so sick! Started with a sore throat and ended up with double ear infection, sinus infection, SUPER exhaustion and 10 days of antibiotics. I blame the crazy weather... cold, warm, spring, winter... make up your mind!

On the 11th we had the Easter Egg hunt in my house and then an egg coloring contest. It went well and everyone had a good time. Late that Saturday night is when I began to get really really sick and ended up spending Easter in bed! Go figure :)

I've been making some Mother's Day Cards, trying to build up stock. I was going to start advertising soon thru work but want to make sure that this bug completely evacuates before I commit to yet another thing! I'm also working on Meg & Jose's wedding stuff (table markers for now). So there's a lot on my plate but it feels good to be busy!

Todays pic is one of the Mother's Day cards I did a week or so ago. I did some masked stamping with the flowers on the side and my fave old olive background paper with some cranberry accents. enjoy!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

whew! what a day! i spent about 3 hours in the garage cleaning an antique secretary desk & bringing it back to it's gorgeous mahogany color... hard work! I also got 5 cards done before i went out there... busy busy! back in my office i'm planning to get some more work on the scrapbook done and get some more cards made... most of our Easter cards are done, i just have 3-4 more... i should get going on that with Easter next weekend!!

today's photo is from a baby boy scrapbook that i made as a gift... i knew the mom was very much into photography and would be taking pics of her little guy as soon as he was out! there's little blue hand & foot prints on the outer edges of each page and the stars were made with my cricut. background paper is black, white & gray stripes and the "flim strip" is black & bright blue. lettering also made using the cricut.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a week! Tomorrow hubby & I are going to see Monsters vs. Aliens and I hope to speak to the owner of Scentimentals in town. They had a sign out looking for crafters and I called on Monday to see if I could get my work in there! I've been working on my portfolio and trying to finish a scrapbook order that I have (that's not due til June).

Today's photo is a name frame that i made for my niece. It's a standing frame, not hanging and the colors just sort of... flowed! I love doing name frames, welcome signs, etc... there's so much freedom with them!